Day 5 – A Drop of Ink

Today’s film was inspired by a children book called « My first Chinese Paintings ». I really loved this book, I used to read it and copy the drawings when I was younger. With really simple lines and some drops of inks, the author was creating some very interesting shapes and characters. I really liked the simplicity, the elegance and the poetry we could feel with these kind of paintings.

So today’s film was based on this memory, using indian ink and frame-by-frame studio. I really enjoyed doing this; as I didn’t plan anything, it was all about improvisation and following the hazard of ink.

[vimeo 257182951 w=740 h=416]

Sabrina Rogers made a very interesting atmosphere to illustrate it, I really liked the style it added to the original animation.

[vimeo 258446464 w=740 h=416]

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