Day 8 – The Usual

I thought Day 8 would be easy… but we had to deal with an unexpected storm of snow ! « Red alert on Edinburgh, » they said ! Uni has been evacuated, and after 40 minutes of walk under the snow, I finally got home safely.

As I couldn’t do anything complex or experimental today, I tried to create a very simple story about routine, based on illustrations made with ink (no surprise…;) ), and colored with Photoshop.

Absolutely nothing of what happened today was expected, but finally, I really enjoyed the result of this video. I would say that it really described my feelings at the end of this second week ! 😉

[vimeo 257999408 w=740 h=416]

Sabrina Rogers and Matthew Errington composed a soundtrack for it, and I absolutely loved what they created. I can feel more and more each day how much music can really transform a video.

[vimeo 258626635 w=740 h=416]

[vimeo 258446453 w=740 h=416]

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