Day 9 – Help !

Day 9; I went to Calton Hill, rolled in the snow, got a cold, and naturally followed the trending of snowy animations on the Vimeo Channel.

As the red alert was still effective, I had to compromise with what I could do at home. I used a sketch of Arthur’s Seat I had made before as a color chart, and I drew a background with ink and watercolor.


My main challenge of the day was… to move something on After Effets (huuuge special effects are coming, be prepared). 😉

I’d like to thank the receptionist of my accommodation who generously accepted to scan my original background…

Preparing the background

[vimeo 258286831 w=740 h=416]

Eric Martin Kamosi and Nick Harbourne made an amazing music for it, which really fits the story-telling. I really like the sort of anxious feeling created by the sound of the guitar…

[vimeo 258635026 w=740 h=416]

One day left ! 🙂

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