Day 9 – Help !

Day 9; I went to Calton Hill, rolled in the snow, got a cold, and naturally followed the trending of snowy animations on the Vimeo Channel.

As the red alert was still effective, I had to compromise with what I could do at home. I used a sketch of Arthur’s Seat I had made before as a color chart, and I drew a background with ink and watercolor.


My main challenge of the day was… to move something on After Effets (huuuge special effects are coming, be prepared). 😉

I’d like to thank the receptionist of my accommodation who generously accepted to scan my original background…

Preparing the background

Eric Martin Kamosi and Nick Harbourne made an amazing music for it, which really fits the story-telling. I really like the sort of anxious feeling created by the sound of the guitar…

One day left ! 🙂

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