WFAF Festival

Yippeeeee ! Two of the videos I made for 10 Films / 10 Days will be showed at the WFAF – World Festival of Animated Film, in Bulgaria !

The festival’s website :

So here are the two videos; the first one is called Lighting Up, and was made in collaboration with my friend Alex Praças. 🙂 Our first collaboration ever ! You can check my complete article about it here : Day 4 – Lighting Up

The second one is called The Usual, and it’s probably one of my favorite memory of this workshop. I was stuck at home with my roommates because of the snowstorm; and I finished it at the very last minute, while they were supporting me and dancing around. (Thanks again, Roland, for finding the title ! ;)) The article about this one is here : Day 8 – The Usual

They were both made within 24 hours during 10 Films / 10 Days, in February 2018 ! So now, I’m gonna have some chocolate to celebrate these great news… Have a lovely day !


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