L’échappée (#drawmecomics2019)

This month has been interrupted by an unexpected event ! After the final dead-line of my master’s essay, I slept two days, gradually came back to life and discovered a new challenge on Instagram.


Challenge accepted ! I had one week left to make it. As I had never done comics before, I wanted to make something really simple. In Scotland, one of my roomies – hello Alia ! – climbed Arthur’s Seat in the middle of the night to see the first lights of the day. I thought this special moment would be a nice story to work on, could fit in a short format, and would let me play with lights and colors.

I went through my pictures to find some inspiration. I made the first sketches with pencils, and colored them on Photoshop. As I was happy with these drawings, I wanted to keep a similar style for the final illustrations. I started to storyboard my project, sketched it on paper and defined my colors on Photoshop.

Original sketch, pencil and digital colors.
Storyboard of the 8 squares.

Now that I had the story board, it was time to do the final illustrations. I don’t know why, but I did more and more sketches for each picture, trying to use the colors I had chosen in the sketches above, looking for a mix of watercolor, ink and digital. I didn’t know where and how to start them, and put unconsciously a lot of pressure on it. I kept trying new things but wasn’t able to draw the way I did in my first sketches anymore.

At first, I really thought I couldn’t make it. Then, I decided to take a break, eat some cakes, and I came to this conclusion; 1) all this work about colors, even if I really wanted to do it, was a bit ambitious and complex for the time I had; 2) working with digital was taking me aaaaaaaages and I had only 2 days left; 3) stressing was not helpful. So I decided to let go, and came back to pencils.

I’m not a big fan of black of white, so at first I was a bit disappointed to abandon the idea of coloring… But I’m keeping this idea and techniques for another project, nothing is lost. And most of all, I REALLY enjoyed drawing these illustrations. I added some animations with Photoshop, mainly by drawing some white lines. Here is the final result !

Definitive GIF with the animation effects.

You can see the complete story on my Instagram account, here. I hope you’ll like it, let me know your thoughts in the comments !


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